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March 2016

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An online music community that allows everyone to thrive!
Producers. Singers. Rappers. Studios. Graphic Artists. Engineers. Writers. Videographers.
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Easily Find the Best Content for Your Music Project.

  • Chart ranking system like Billboard. Based on views, plays, shares and more.
  • Browse by need: Beats, Vocals, Graphic Art, Studios, Videographers, Songwriters, Instrumentalist, Audio Engineers.
  • Browse your favorite Genres to bypass the clutter.
  • Browse via Similar To. Find beats similar to your favorite artists.
  • Add your favorite content to your faves list, access it later.
  • Easily access and download any of your purchases.

100% Privacy. We don't spam.

Profile. Digital Store. Socialize.

  • Upload your awesome content.
  • Get sales and get paid.
  • Look professional with very little effort.
  • Attract followers to stream your content to.
  • Receive messages and comments about your music content.
  • REWARD: Back this project and get an early start on your profile! Be a part of the beta release.
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Finally, It’s Easy to Find Local Studios and Videographers

  • You’ve tried googling to find a near-by recording studio before, but you only got a few results.
  • Even worse than that? It’s nearly impossible to find a cameraman for your video shoot. In most cases, if you want to shoot a video, you have to know a friend who knows a camera man.
  • It seems as if studios and videographers don’t exist! But the truth is that there are thousands of them out there! And we finally have a solution for you guys to find each other.
  • Enter your location and you’ll be able to view near-by locations.
  • Check out their portfolio and sample content before you even book the session!

Get Noticed, Run Promo Campaigns

  • Run promotions to show your content to your targeted customers.
  • Get extra notice in the charts! This is where members will browse for the best content.
  • The goal is to get more activity, sales, followers, and a higher ranking on the charts.
  • REWARD: Back this project, and get a great value on promo campaigns!
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